Go CDM Program 2013

Hi everyone..:)
Syukur Alhamdulilah, irine dapat update jugak my blog to share my activities on February 2013.
As you know i am currently involved in online business under Green Leaders Academy Malaysia, The Company has organized the Leadership Program called Go CDM Program 
on 16th February 2013 
special for Green Leaders Group  
at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.

Alhamdulilah the event went very well and participated by 200 leaders from all over malaysia.

Thank you Hai-o Marketing Sdn Bhd.
Me and my beautiful partners, DSM Nadia Mohamad and DSM Roziah Yusuf were so excited as this was one of the great opportunity for us to join this program and mixed around with all dedicated leaders.

I was so blessed Ya Allah.. From day one i joined this business..i have been guided by the successful person like CDM Adibah Karimah and also Founder of Green Leaders Academy Malaysia –  CDM Hanis Haizi.

Thank You Green Leaders Academy Malaysia.
Great Leaders Create Future Leaders

Semua peserta datang awal and get ready to stay focus on a long day  program. After we had breakfast, everyone kosongkan gelas utk timba ilmu pulak..
Knowledge is the key to success. 🙂

CDM Razali Zain was an MC for the day and welcome us to the great Go CDM Program. The event started with the opening speech from Hai-o Marketing Gen. Manager. He proudly expressed his feeling and impressed to see the commitment given by all participants who came early for the program. Our Company was now focusing on developing human capital and therefore giving the appropriate training for the entrepreneur was become essential to ensure the growth of the business.

Our company invited Mr Winston Wong as our speaker of the day.
He is a well known speaker, a true network marketing practitioner who used to be at the TOP in corporate world as former presidents in few organizations.  

He shared on the networking revolution, attitude for success and entrepreneurship. We must first understand the misunderstood industry, accept the language of the industry and grab the opportunity that network marketing gives everyone an equal chance for success. Thank you very much Mr. Winston for transfering all valuables knowledge for us to success in this business.

Chicken dance on the floor after lunch break..Weeee…:)..gelek2..heheh..:)


I enjoyed delicious lunch with the team. Nadia and Aunty adalah pasangan Ibu dan anak. Proud of you both for being commited and high determination. Kami sembang2 tentang ilmu hari ni dan rasa terjawab segala masalah yang ade di fikiran sebelum ini. We clearly set back our mision and goals to make changes in our life. Insyaallah!

I would not missed to take photo and autograph with Mr. Wiston Wong, the writer of ” The Misunderstood Industry Book” .
Sempat jugak walaupun beratur panjang..:)


Happy faces with sideline DSM Shuhada

After the program, i understand better about the network industry and the quality of true leader. Now i am more confident to take all the challenge!
As a leader under My team, i was  responsible for each and everyone of them. I wanna be a good role and example to all my team members. Be knowledgeable and reliable.
 Insyaallah, with all the guidance, i must be able to follow the road of success like my mentors. Kene pegang erat2 tangan leaders. 🙂 Lets Together we achieve more!

Thanks again for Green Leaders Academy Malaysia ( GLAM) for being part of my life, guiding me, being there for me and creating priceless memories together with me.
I Believe I can fly high!

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