Travel to London & Paris With GLAMpreneur

Syukur Alhamdulilah.
Tercapai juga hajat nak travel to europe. Yeayy!!nak nanges pun aderr,,
Berjaya Qualify Trip to London and Paris sangat2 mengujakan.
yang paling bestnya bila dapat travel bersama-sama GLAMpreneurs.
8 March – 17 March 2013 were a wonderful experienced in my entire life. 
Subhanallah. Allah je yang tahu perasaan ini.
Travel dengan hasil buat business Premium Beautiful memang berbaloi.
Thanks to the company. Hai-o Marketing Sdn Bhd.
This is the way they appreciate their excellent achievers and encourage us to perform more.
I will never ever forget my Big smile with my hubby..coz this was also our 2nd honeymoon together after 7 years married.
Alhamdulilah irine pun sihat walaupun pada awalnya takut gak travel jauh-jauh sebab baru pregnant 3 mths.
Thank you allah for giving me a chance to see how wonderful was his creation.
I was too excited!!  
nak citer ni pun i am still excited.
Macam nak shout..
Ada banyak sangat gambar2 yang nak di update dalam blog ni. 
Insyaallah irine akan share part by part okay.
Stay tune ok!

Paris & London FREE Trip Qualifier

Sorry for the late update!
  mari kita lompat bintang dulu..:D
Setelah 4 bulan bersungguh2 berusaha dalam biz ni akhirnya tercapai juga impian irine nak melancong ke europe..Weeehuuuuuu!!!
Alhamdulilah! Syukur sgt2..Finally i qualified a free ticket to Paris & London..Thanks to the Company for giving me the opportunity to upgrade my income and also make my dream comes true..
This is a reward for an excellent achiever!
We’re going to fly somewhere on March 2012..!!
Ya Allah..I am so blessed !

I shall thanks to my Mentor CDM Hanis Haizi and my dearest Leader CDM Adibah Karimah for their guidance and support. Tak lupe to all my biz partners..congratulation to all.. This is our team achievement also. Proud to have you guys around. Semuanya ” fighter” in achieving their goals in this Premium Beautiful Business. Next Trip kita pulun betul2 and make sure all of us will qualify the trip organize by the company.
Besides this good news..
Last September 2012. Me and My Team have achieved
RM100,000 sales in a month ( G100)..
My very2 new achievement in a new group. (nanti i akan post special entry why i rejoined).. tunggu ye..:)..hehe
I’m so proud to be in the right group .
 It is worth joining GREEN LEADERS GROUP because we have great mentor that proven  succes in this business. Sentiasa ada mentoring system untuk pastikan semua team members will achieve the ultimate goal. Sentiasa ingatkan bila kami tersasar dan tunjuk step yang betul untuk terus berjaya.  Teamwork Concept yang sangat2 effective. 
To be The Best We Must Follow The Best!
Irine ingat lagi Hanis pernah pesan…
” Kene Cabar Diri and You can’t affort to loose it again!!.. 
Buktikan Potensi diri !!
 Well , yang paling best.. i’m doing this business through online via Blog and Facebook only. 
I Love my PART TIME job.
After this i want to work because i love to..not because i have to.. :)..insyallah.
Im glad to share the opportunity to others.
Call me : 012-2700873
Let me show you the way.